Finding Used Cars For Sale In Delhi

Everyone wants one car, especially in cities like Delhi as it acts a success symbol and is more practical than bike or scooter, as it can take more people and goods. For all these reasons, it may be a very good and desirable object. But the problem is that they can be quite expensive and as a result, many people may never realize the dream of having a car. But there is a work-around for this. Used cars. They are economical and if you are careful and follow some steps, you can find one that will last you for long.

What Should You Remember?

Buying old, used car may look like very attractive alternative to buying new cars, and it is. However, there are also risks you incur when you make the choice. These risks can be easily mitigated with some care, but if you are not careful and are negligent, you may get huge costs in maintenance and it’s also possible that you will get legal trouble. So to avoid all these problems there are a few things that you should keep in mind when looking for a new car. It may be time intensive, but it will save you loads of money.

Distance Covered In Car

This alone cannot be a determining factor when inspecting a car, but this item on the checklist is very intuitive, but it is so due to its crucial importance. The amount of distance the car has run can tell you many things about it. Firstly, it decides the price of the car. The more the miles on the odometer, the less the price. This may be very attractive, but a high number of miles also brings with it some problems. Firstly it will almost always mean that the car will need more maintenance, leading to an invariable increase in costs.

Year Of Production

See year when the car was made and which model it is. The year the car was made can tell you a lot about its options. It can also tell you if it still meets environmental standards that are set up by environment agencies. The most important thing though is the cost. The older the car, the lower the price. The model can also tell you a lot. It can tell you what features are inbuilt and whether it’s worth the cost. For these reasons, when looking at used car in Delhi for sale, you should see year of production.


A suspension is a crucial aspect of the car. It determines the strength to ride over potholes and bumps. So a bad suspension can mean a very unpleasant ride. This is especially true for a used car in Delhi for sale. The roads are not great and using a car on a road like that can mean the suspension has already taken a pretty bad hit. So when buying a used car, always check the condition of its suspension. Replacing a suspension later can be very expensive, labour intensive and time consuming, so generally you would want to avoid that.


For used car in Delhi for sale, always inspect its cabin. Not knowing who has owned and how they have used the car, it is always safe to do a deep inspection of its interior. This involves a couple of things, first, look at the seats, the fabric or leather on it etc. See if it is of a normal level of wear and tear. Similarly, you must also inspect the equipment in the cabin, such as the gauges, the music system, the air conditioning etc. Lastly, do not forget the safety features such as airbags and seatbelts among others.

Prior usage  

A lot of people ignore this aspect when looking for an old car. The history is not only involving its use and year of build. It more importantly so involves the use of the car. This could be the insurance history of the car, whether it has been pledged for a loan, whether it’s been involved in any crime or an accident etc. Especially in used car in Delhi for sale, where accidents are common, you should look at all these things as you might end up in legal trouble if you buy a car without knowing its full history.


Buying a car is a precious moment for anybody. It is truly irrelevant if this car is new or used. However, the truth is that there are some additional obligations when buying a used car. This involves all the things mentioned earlier. To reduce the risks, buy a used car in Delhi for sale from an authorized seller who guarantees the cars meet the minimum standards. You could also buy them through online portals but you must be more vigilant when checking these cars. If you do all this, you can buy a good used car at a low cost.