Global Food Safety Testing Market Is Expected To Grow With A Cagr Of Over 7.5% During Forecast Period, 2018- 2025

Food safety testing is referred to the inspection of food products for disease-causing organisms, chemicals, and other hazardous materials. Food testing also involves validation of food product contents as indicated on the labels. Food safety testing has been important factor for maintaining quality of food in terms of ingredients, taste and appearance Contaminants and chemicals which may make an entry at any stage of the food and food products value chain from manufacture till it reaches the consumers, are the main cause of food poisoning, owing to which there is an increased necessity to test such contaminants present in the food and food products.

According to the recently published report by BlueWeave Consulting, The Global  Food Safety Testing Market is expected to grow with a CAGR over 7.5%, forecast period, 2018 to 2025.

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Growing incidences of food-borne illnesses and poisoning by contaminated food products &  growing consumer awareness regarding the safety of food are the main drivers for the significant growth of global food safety testing market.

Implementation of various regulations on food safety, particularly by governments of the developed country, drives the growth of the global food safety testing market. Recycling of animal by-products, sale of goods past their use by date, the inclusion of harmful ingredients, and unsafe food handling processes are some of the major food fraud activities. In addition, there are rise in economically motivated adulterations (EMAs) due to high competition among food producers, which result in increase in instances of food debasement, such as adulterations, pesticides, artificial taste enhancers, and certifications, that mentioned factors will boost the growth of the food safety testing market. However, lack of food control infrastructure in the developing economies for e.g. India, complexity in testing techniques, and lack of government regulations are anticipated to hamper the growth of the market. Furthermore, increasing demand of fresh and appropriate forms of food products among consumers has led to the advent of food safety practices in the food industry.

Scope of Report

Global Food Safety market is segmented on the basis of the by Target Tested, Technology, Food Tested and by Region. On the basis of Target Tested, the market is sub segmented in Pathogens, Pesticides, and GMOs. On the basis of Technology, market is segmented into Traditional and Rapid. On the basis of Food Tested, market is segmented into Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Dairy, Processed Foods, and Fruits & Vegetables. On the basis of Region, the market is analyzed into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa Food Safety Testing Market.

Competitive Dynamics:

Companies like SGS, Eurofins, Intertek, Bureau Veritas, Mérieux, ALS Limited, TUV SÜD, and TÜV Nord Group, Microbac Laboratories, AsureQuality, FoodChain ID), Romer Labs, Symbio Laboratories and RJ Hill Laboratories are keys player in Global Food Safety Market.

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